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  How to get funded ?     

the network on Developmental Biology at Sorbonne Université

What can be funded ?


Exploratory Collaborative Projects

Collaboration between at least two laboratories of the network.

Funding of € 4,000 Operating and € 2,400 for travel and accommodation of the participants of the project.


PLUS certified projects:

Between at least two laboratories of the network plus a non member laboratory

Additional funding of € 1,800 to include a non member researcher (not from a network lab)



Collaborative Master 2 students

Funding for the gratification of a M2 student (student in 2nd year of master, maximum 6 months) which is involved in a collaborative project between at least two laboratories of the network.



Intra Network Seminars

€ 500 for the organization of an internal seminar: you invite someone of the network at home or you will give a seminar in another network laboratory.



Support to conferences

€ 500 to attend a conference (oral or poster)


How to get funded ?


Funding Application Form

Download and fill the demande de financement. 

(the word document is in French, but you can fill it in English)

Then submit it to Bénédicte CHARRIER

or Michel GHO


What will be asked
  • The name of the applicant and his affiliation

  • At least two partners within the network

  • The type of funding wanted (Exploratory collaborative project, Exploratory collaborative project Plus, Collaborative Master 2 students, Intra network seminar, Publication fees)

  • Details on the project (half a page)

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